Our Story

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed the fitness industry is exactly that, an industry that’s there to make money. It’s losing sight of why people participate in physical activity and that’s to improve as individuals. Here at Implexium our goal is different, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to get better as an athlete with training programmes tailored to each individual that pinpoint weaknesses and eventually turn them into strengths. We want to make our athletes more knowledgeable, fitter, stronger, more mobile, faster, more skilful and most importantly, more robust. We’re unlike most other coaches as we will never give any of our athletes an “off the shelf plan” and we have multiple coaches, all with different specialisms and disciplines to create the perfect tailored training package.

We’re not just your standard online coaching company offering generic gym workouts. Our plans are tailored to individual goals, meaning we’re also able to offer track and/or field training for athletes so they can train specifically to their sport and progress to the highest possible standard with our expert coaching and experience.

At Implexium we are determined to provide the best, most personal approach to online coaching on the market. Before starting any training, we will have an in-depth skype conversation to find out exactly your goals and ambitions to piece together a training programme designed specifically for your sport or goals to help you become your best self. We also ask you to perform some screening exercises in your own time before training starts so we are able to pinpoint weaknesses or potential injury risks to then make those weaknesses into strengths and make you as robust as possible. 

We are so sure you will love our services that if after the first month you are not 100% satisfied we offer a money-back guarantee.